Runner’s World Beginner schedule

Runner’s World Beginner schedule

For someone who is not an athlete, I sure do think about becoming one a lot.  I decided that next week, I’m going to try my foot at running.  The link listed about has an 8 week schedule that I think I’m going to follow.

The first week has you running for 1 minute and walking for 2 minutes.  Repeat 10 times.  I think this is do able.  Runners will do this for 4 days and cross train the rest.

The problem is for me to find the actual time to run.  I think I’ll go before my kids wake up.  Probably have to go at 5:30 in the am.  OMG… I am so not a not an early morning person.


I’m one year older

36.  I’m one year older.  This year has flown by.  So much has happened.  I had a baby.  She’s 4 months old.  My oldest baby turned 3.  But it feels like a blur.  I barely remember any of it.  I am going to chalk that up to sleep deprivation. 

I don’t think I’ve had a full night’s sleep since my 3rd trimester of my first pregnancy.  That’s going on 3.5 years now.  I’ve always been a light sleeper but now I wake up at the slightest change in anyone’s breathing.  I’ve never been able to sleep with a fan on or the air conditioner much to the disappointment of my heat generating husband.  I know this will be for just a short period in my life.  Once my babies decide to leave my bed, I will once again enjoy a full night’s rest.  All of the annoyances and inconveniences of babies and toddlers will be short lived and will be replaced by other worries of school aged and teen aged daughters.  I shudder to think about what my nights will be like when my oldest turns 12.

Milestones for this year

  • Kate was born on 5/26
  • Delilah turned 3 on 8/22
  • Delilah potty trained on 8/29

I really need to keep better track of the baby’s milestones.  She’s already smiling and grabbing at objects.  She started turning from her tummy to back a few weeks ago.  I did weigh her yesterday and she comes in at a whopping 14 lbs 13 oz.  Quite a difference from my petite older daughter who at 3, weighs in at 27 lbs.

Hmmm…. Goals for this year.

  • Work out for 1 hour a day 5 days a week.
  • Cook at home at least 5 days a week.  We’ve been a family who relied on take out or cheap restaurant foods.  It will be healthier and cheaper for us.
  • Up my savings to my kids’ college funds.  I already save $250 a month for Delilah.  I think I am going to start another 529 plan for Kate when I go back to work.
  • Get a small snap and go camera to capture photos.  My hubby has a big huge one that takes great pictures.  But it is very inconvenient.  I can’t take it anywhere because it is massive.  I’ll research one today and start snapping away.
  • Start knitting again.  I love knitting but haven’t had much time.  Now that my little girl isn’t nursing nonstop anymore, maybe I can take it up again.
  • Work out a budget and stick to it.  My husband is always complaining that we don’t save enough money whereas I disagree. 

I’ve tried to save money by using cloth diapers for the baby.  I invested about $250 in 18 cloth diapers and I haven’t bought disposables since she was born.  I used to spend about $50 per month in diapers.  I am also trying hard to cook dinner at home.  It’s very hard considering my husband doesn’t come home until 7:30 or 8 pm every night.  With 2 small children who break down at around 6 pm, cooking usually gets pushed back until he gets home and we resort to going out for a burrito.  When I go back to work in about a month, my plan is to do a prep day during the weekend while the hubby is home so that we can have meals during the week that don’t take too much time.

To sum up, I don’t feel too old.  But I don’t feel young again.  Maybe I need to go out for a walk…




First week of preschool

My 3 year old had a wonderful week at preschool.  Her first day was September 19 and I have to say she had absolutely no trouble adjusting.   Barely said goodbye.  

She is so well adjusted and friendly with all her new little friends and teachers.  I wonder if it was anything I did or just her personality.   She is fearless and runs after the boys.  I am watching her play on the jungle gym right now and my heart almost stops when she climbs to the top rung of a ladder.  But while she is fearless,  she is also steady.  Carefully feeling each rung.  Watching her reassures me that this school is a good fit.

I am feeling quite nostalgic.   I have a three year old.  A child old enough to attend preschool.  She is growing up so fast.  One blink and she’s in preschool.   The next blink she’ll be graduating high school.  With all the work involved with raising children,   I need to step back and enjoy every minute.

When I asked her what she did today,  she replied “I chased some boys”. Uh oh… her dad better watch out.


Here’s what she really did today. 

Perfunctury Introduction

I am a mom of two little girls, a nurse, and at the moment stay at home mom.  A job that I find immensely challenging and rewarding.  I will be going back to work in November and am very sad that I cannot remain a full time mommy and home maker.  I live in sunny Southern California and am an accidental Attachment Parenting practitioner.  Meaning all of the parenting I do actually has a name.  I breastfeed, baby wear, cloth diaper, and co-sleep.  The breastfeeding was deliberate.  Baby wearing and co-sleeping evolved out of necessity.  I also am newly plant based.  I have been a long time ovo-lacto vegetarian.  However, after reading all the health benefits of a plant based (aka vegan) diet, I am transitioning.  It’s hard with societal and familial pressure to eat unhealthy foods.  I am definitely not perfect but I am trying hard.

I’m not quite sure why I decided to start a blog.  Perhaps to chronicle my daughters growing up.  Maybe to keep track of recipes I have tried.  Maybe to share photos.  I love books, food, and I’m attempting to get more fit by exercising.  With two little ones, it is very hard to find the time but I know how important it is.  I’m lucky enough to have my parents close by who will take the kids at a moments’ notice.

I will try to post regularly.  But who knows.  I don’t even know if I’ll tell my friends and family that I am writing this blog.  Maybe it will be just for me.